Friday, January 30, 2009

25 Minutes


Yesterday, I woke from my nap to the phone ringing. Our phone "talks"...meaning it says who's calling and then rattles off the number. I heard "Chills Hosssp" (you should hear how this thing pronounced certain words-hilarious!) and jumped out of bed. Translation: Children's Hospital. It was only a recorded reminder of an appt we have with his CP doctor next week. I think my heart jumped out of my chest when I heard who was calling. Dear God, I am asking you (kindly) for the "call" with a surgery date to come soon.

The night was rather uneventful, except for me loosing my voice completely. I had called AJ's TOD earlier in the day and told her we would not be at the Betty Brinn/CDHH Family Night. The museum was open in the evening for CDHH families. By attending (and taking the official tour) we received a free one-year membership. I was disappointed we couldn't go, but I didn't want to "infect" others, or have AJ spread germs on other kiddos while playing. We did send Daddy though. He said the tour was nice and that they gave a great explanation as to why they offer this to families of children with special needs. We don't even have to worry about paying for parking. We are excited to take AJ there whenever we can.

This morning I woke up with a wicked cough and found it very painful to swallow. AJ ate but refused to drink anything. I had cancelled his TOD for this morning, thinking he would be sicker today. Thank goodness I did. After giving him a bath and blow drying his hair, I decided to take the two of us to urgent care.

AJ: Double Ear Infections.
Mommy: Bronchitis

Great. This explains (at least part of) why he's not drinking. He used to do that with his bottle-the sucking hurt too much so he wouldn't drink. Since he still has a slight sucking pattern with his sippy cup, this makes total sense. I feel like a bad Mommy. Either I take him in and they look at me crazy "He's fine you hypochondriac mother," or I feel like I waited too long. It is super hard to figure out when he has an infection. Since he bangs his head with whatever his choice of small toy he choses for the day, we can't tell if he's doing it to "hear" or if he's in pain. His irritability, etc. over the last few days, along with the banging, and lack of drinking, all make sense.

AJ was given an Rx for Amoxicillin (his usual). I was given a Z-Pak, Cough Syrup with Codeine, and Nasonex. In an effort to get AJ's antibiotic into him ASAP, I drove straight from the clinic to the pharmacy. On the way, I passed McDonald's and noticed the line that stretched all the way out to the street and then some. Anyhow, I made a mental note that if I need to wait for our Rx's, I'd cruise back to McDonald's and pick up lunch for AJ. I KNEW he'd eat that.

I got to the drive-thru and was told it would take 25 minutes. Alrighty. I drove back towards McDonalds...the line was even longer. Ugh. I don't trust people cruising behind me to realize I'm in the far right hand turn lane-waiting to get into McD's. So, I went to plan B. I drove to Taco Bell and picked up his lunch, dropped off some mail in the drive-by mailbox at the PO, got gas, and then drove EXACTLY the speed limit back to the pharmacy. After sitting in the drive-thru for 15 minutes (grr) and feeding AJ raisins (thank God for small boxes to fit in Mommy's purse), I was told our Rx's were not ready. You've got to be kidding me?! "25 minutes more," she said, "We're backed up." Frankly, I didn't really care.

I drove home and watched AJ inhale two containers of pintos n'cheese (340 cal!) After eating and cleaning up and changing the bean monster, I called the pharmacy to make sure the Rx's were ready. I was not about to bundle AJ up, drive down there, and then find out they weren't ready again. Sure enough, she said they still weren't ready. What THE? I did a few dishes and started to feel myself getting really tired out. I waited an extra 15 minutes and drove down to the pharmacy. I sat in the drive-thru for another 10 minutes. Grrrrrrrrrrrr. I finally had our 3 big bags of meds in my passenger seat and drove home with a very tired little boy.

I have never seen a child take medication as well as my AJ. He's hilarious. I've also never seen a kid start to feel better after antibiotics as fast as AJ does. It's like he KNOWS. He opens his mouth and takes it like a champ. I know I could have waited and just brought him home and napped him. But I wanted to get the antibiotics into him as soon as possible. I'm a bit anal about things like that. And he cannot have his CI surgery with an ear infection!

He's sleeping soundly now, with a belly full of beans and medicine. Oh, and I forgot to mention that he surprised me by drinking a full cup of milk after he had his medicine. That warmed my heart :)

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