Saturday, January 3, 2009

We made it past midnight...did you?

We had our very good friends Dustin, Michelle, and their brand new baby girl Penny over for New Year's Eve. Jeremy and Dustin have been friends for 20+ years, which means lots of funny childhood stories and lots of laughs. We had a nice relaxing evening, watching New Year's Eve specials on tv and talking about how our lives have changed over the years. Even just to chat about how our lives had changed over the last year was an eye-opener. I made entirely too much food, but sent a goodie bag home with our guests so it worked out. AJ is so interested in Penny. When we visited her at the hospital he noticed her right away and walked over to her. I'll have to post the picture Dustin took-it is just too cute. This visit, he went for her eyeball. Not so great. But we redirected him to her hand, which turned out to be a cute "awww" moment. It didn't take long for him to turn his attention back on the fan.

Surprisingly, we all made it PAST midnight (with the exception of AJ and Penny). We go the champagne bottle open (without breaking anything in my kitchen!) just in time for the ball to drop. New Years Day marked another celebration in our house. Jeremy celebrated 20 years of diabetes...without complications. Here's to a New Year! (Pictures below)

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