Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Dig It Up?

I recently asked a friend for the name of the specialist her kiddo had seen in the past. Word of mouth is very nice in the world of pediatric medicine.

She told me she'd dig up the name and get back to me.

Can I just say...my first thought was, "Why do you have to dig it up?" And then I laughed.

You don't have a master list of your child's providers/specialists? You don't remember the specialist's name? You don't have binders color coded? You don't know how many calories your child is supposed to consume?

Weird. I guess that's normal. I guess all that information I typed above (which of course, we know and rattle off in ten seconds) isn't normal to have as a mental rolodex. Hm. Who knew :)


  1. word up.... you know me and lists, organized, ect...

  2. LOL I may just have to come hang out and take a refresher course on being organized :) Kiss my favorite niece for me!

  3. anytime you want..... but when i teach courses all lady students have to be in there underwear.....


    kiss Aj & Jeremy (i guess for me)



  4. I would have had the same reaction! You have to be organized and knowledgeable with a special baby! We don't have a choice! :)


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