Thursday, February 5, 2009


I am SUPER-DE-DUPER excited! AJ's TOD was here today...and brought information about a Signing Story Time at the Big Backyard (BBY) in New Berlin. Whoo hoo!!

We've been wanting to get to the BBY for a while. Its a new indoor playgroud for kiddos in a huge warehouse. What an awesome idea for winter or rainy days!! AJ's TOD knows the teacher personally and was excited to share this opportunity for AJ!

I'm going to sign him up for the winter session that begins at the end of February. In the mean time, Daddy works on Saturday, so I think Grandma Cheri and I will take him to go play at the Big Backyard!

In addition to the BBY, his TOD also shared that she's meeting with Bto3 tomorrow and plans to discuss the issue about AJ attending the toddler group at CDHH. Right now, Bto3 is saying that if AJ attends the todder groups at CDHH, they will no longer allow his TOD's once a week sessions...even though they wouldn't be paying for the toddler group. It makes NO sense to us. We are hoping for good news. His TOD feels he is totally ready to be immersed in the group and have consistent interaction with his peers. Us too. Us too.

*Oh, if you're wondering whats up with this new layout & kermit song...1) I am sick of winter 2) We just received a Save the Date card from Jeremy's cousin for a destination wedding next January. We're pysched!

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  1. word up! i want to play in that playground!!! and yes- i am so over winter!


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