Thursday, March 12, 2009

Our New Hero


After AJ went to bed last night, his Daddy and I popped in a few of the Signing Time DVDs. Unforunately, AJ is not "into" these DVDs. The only thing he pays attention to on the TV is basketball/baseball and the tickers on all ESPN channels. Believe me, we are not complaining. But we do wish we could peak his interest with these particular DVDs.

While watching, we decided to research the gal who "signs" -Rachel.


Rachel Coleman began Signing Time after being inspired by her daughter, Leah. She and her husband set out to learn as much ASL as they could after Leah was diagnosed profoundly deaf. Their second child, Lucy, was born with spina bifida and cerebral palsy. Sign helped Lucy learn to communicate and eventually TALK! She created Signing Time along with her sister, Emilie. Leah and her cousin Alex are featured in the Signing Time DVDs.

You can read about Signing Time's beginning, Rachel's blog, Leah's Story, Lucy's Story, and more HERE.

To purchase Signing Time DVDs/products, click HERE.

Even though AJ doesn't enjoy Signing Time (yet), we certainly are. We are truly inspired by Rachel, her husband, and their idea to give parents of children of all walks of life the opportunity to learn sign language. We are even more inspired knowing she has children with the same special needs as our child. We've been hearing, "Well, we don't know if he's going to talk post-implant because of his CP." Our answer? Give our kid a chance before you rule it out. My kid, who we were also told may not be able to sign because of his coordination,just signed his 4th word today. It's possible.

Now, keep your fingers crossed for us that we can learn the "Silly Pizza Song" and sign it as fast as Rachel does. Whew!!


  1. We met Rachel about a year ago, she is truly inspiring! I am sad her TV show is no longer on PBS!


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