Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Frequent Flyers

As I pulled up to the valet at Children's Hospital for AJ's therapy, the valet greeted me with a "Heeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyy!! We haven't seen you in a while." Note: a while is two weeks.

Dear God. The valets know me. That's just wrong. :)

As we were waiting for our appointment, a confused Dad was walking in circles with his son. He finally came our way again and asked for the ENT clinic. I told him it was right through those doors. He thanked me and said it was confusing because the door only says Speech and Hearing Clinic. I made sure to tell him to check in at the right end of the desk, third receptionist.

They don't even give me the paperwork anymore. I could probably recite it by memory. How did you arrive today? Car. How did your child arrive today? Carseat. Does your child have weight issues? Yes. Is someone helping you with these issues? Yes. See what I mean? Once is a while, when we have a 6 month follow-up or something I get the paperwork. But I can fill it out, one handed, with lightening speed, and follow with whipping out my 5-page packet of information on AJ. That way I just write "see attached."

Frequent Flyers? Yeah. I guess so. I wonder where they keep the peanuts and warm chocolate chip cookies???

1 comment:

  1. I am laughing about the valets!

    Were you there today? We were too.

    I am excited for Monday. Can't wait to hear how it goes.


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