Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sounds of Today...

This morning Jeremy and I both woke up with an odd sensitivity to sounds. All different sounds. We suddenly realized that AJ is going to HEAR these sounds. Sounds he has NEVER heard before. Many sounds that are white noise to you and I. This continued ALL day today. We agreed to make mental notes of specific sounds that we heard that made us say "WOW" throughout the day.

Sounds like:
Daddy saying "Good Morning Smiley" when going into AJ's room this morning
Water running in the sink
Chair sliding across the floor
Dogs "clip-clopping" down the hallway
Dogs barking
Us saying "AJ"
Soft rain hitting the windshield of the car
Hard rain hitting the windshield of the car
The sound of a car passing you on the wet road
Windshield wipers
Keys jingling
Cat meowing
Basketball game on TV
Mommy saying "AJ, do you want more?"
Ball popper toy
Sound of the cart at the grocery store
Car Radio
Drawers opening and closing
Door closing
Knocking on the door
Juice being poured into a cup
AJ's giggle/laugh
Us saying "Goodnight. We love you."

That's not even half of what we suddenly tuned into today. We don't know how he'll react tomorrow, or over the next few days. There is no "post-op" sheet with this adventure. Just the hope that your child will enjoy the hearing world as much as we all do. Hope that he will respond well to sound. Hope that in a few years he will be like every other 15-year-old young man...sick of his mom nagging and talking so much. Hope that he will be able to call his Dad to say he'll be home a smidge past curfew. Technology is giving our son the ability to hear. THAT, is a miracle. Our miracle gets his own miracle "turned on" tomorrow. We're as ready as I guess you can be. How do you prepare for your deaf child to hear? I don't know. Sometimes its not so bad not having all the answers.

Sounds of Today...AJ Will Hear Tomorrow.


  1. Yay, Yay, Yay! I'm thinking about you guys today! It's finally here, really!

  2. Just checking out your blog today (the 20th). Hoping and praying that everything went well today, and that your little angel has heard his mom & dad for the first time!!!!!! I can't pretend to imagine what you guys are going through, but I hope today, after so many struggles, challenges, obstacles,,,you were able to have a glimmer of joy, as AJ hopefully was able to hear the life around him. You are simply amazing parents, and you have an amazing little guy... can't wait to hear how everything has gone today.



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