Friday, June 26, 2009

CI Update

AJ had an extra booth-testing/audiogram done early last week. Because he tests so well at 1 month post-activation and his audi was pretty sure AJ was hearing in the 40-50db range, she requested we do a 2 month post-activation audiogram. (Usually it skips from 1 month to 3 months)

About 15 minutes into testing we figured out we had a bad cord. His first equipment issue ever. Not bad for 2 months. Toddlers are extreme hard on their equipment! By the time we got the new cord in and all that jazz, he was over it. Not screaming, but just not interested.

We got NO information whatsoever that day. So we have literally no idea where he is hearing. Fantastic. At the time of testing he had been on his last program for a week or so. We all agreed that knowing AJ, maybe that wasn't enough time for his to recognize and pay attention to the new sound levels. He is on that same last program for the next month, at which time we will go in and do another audiogram.

We also presented the idea of a 2nd implant for AJ. I received a call from his audiologist today. She spoke with his speech therapists and we all agree that we will allow him to begin school at Lowell and then re-evaluate. They want him to make a bit more progress before we jump into a 2nd CI. We agree.

As for what AJ's been doing (gains and such), that'll be in another post.

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