Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hop, Hop, Hop

Four months post-activation. Really? Already? I used to look at other CI Momma's blogs and feel like this moment in time was just a dream.

We've been having a hard time lately keeping the positivity alive. I'm sure many of you agree that receptive coming before expressive language is sometimes tough to accept. You feel as though they aren't "producing" anything, so we're not getting anywhere.

While I constantly tell people AJ's hearing is like a 4 month old newborn (and do 4 month olds, talk? No!), I find myself forgetting that fact. We must hear things thousands of times before they make sense. One step at a time, right?

I mentioned AJ doing the bunny hop activity during his speech session two weeks ago...and am pleased to present this video of him doing it for me at home. This activity shows that AJ understands the auditory cue for the word "Hop". Although, I think I need a plastic bunny. The fluffy one just doesn't do the "hop" sound justice ;)



  1. YAY AJ!!!

    Hang in there.... I agree it's so tough waiting for receptive language to really take shape. I'm still waiting for that language explosion too.... and I guess Lucas is like a 7 month old, so I have to keep that in mind. Responses like that are so great though!

  2. That's awesome Heidi! It is SO HARD waiting for that language explosion. Sometimes I think we're having a mini one, then we lose some babble noises and are back to the nasally "mmmmm", then they come back, then they're gone again.

    We also have to remind ourselves that they're also learning so many other things and that little brain can only do so much at a time. Again, easier to say to others than to remember ourselves! LOL

    YAY AJ! You're doing amazing little guy!


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