Monday, September 7, 2009

Little Things That...

...irk me and little things that make me smile.

With the exception of the Reflection Posts #1-11 (to start reading click HERE), I found it odd that I don't blog about AJ's adoption much. We have so much going on, I guess it has naturally found its place at the bottom of our discussion topics.

Today, I found myself wandering around the oh-so-swanky bookstore that I despise setting foot in. I though maybe it would go well as I found a sweet parking spot close to the door. I have this thing: If I pull into the parking lot and find an awesome spot to park it usually means I'll have success in-store. So anyhow, while browsing the children's department, I stumbled on these books:
Ugh. I just KNEW what would be waiting for me when I cracked open the first book. Sure enough, it was a few pages of this giraffe meeting other animals and saying, "That's Not My Mom," until a giraffe appeared on the last page and the two were embracing with the caption "That's My Mom!" There is another book, by Dr. Seuss that bugs me to. I know, HOW can I knock Dr. Seuss?! I don't know, maybe its the titles that irk me.

Jer didn't seem all that bothered by it when I came home frustrated...which I found interesting. I often wonder how AJ will respond to books like this. I have often heard he has my eyes and eyelashes (I wish!). We rarely get looks when we are out together, I always assume its one of two things: 1) He's so light-skinned for a Guatemalan 2) People must think my Baby Daddy is Hispanic. :)

I just want him to know that we are family, and that doesn't mean we all have to look the same. I envision future conversations at the zoo being very interesting. "Mommy, all the polar bears look the same, their all white, how come we look different?" Insert akward moment #_ _ _ of answer your child's impossible questions. Somehow, knowing AJ, I don't think I'll get out of it by giving a simple answer.

After jotting down the author's name for these books (knowing I wanted to blog about this), I turned the corner to find this:

It was in the children's deparment under a section entitled "FAMILY". I cautiously picked it up, as I've read a few adoption books and haven't been so thrilled with them. And this book was perfect! I was pleasantly surprised to see this book, along with two other books about adoption in this section. (Insert smile.)
Yesterday, while looking for books on dogs (more on this in different post), I found this book at Target.
(Insert another smile). The art and illustrations in this book are phenomonal. I especially like that it brings the international idea to life. While this book is not about adoption, it supports the idea of international adoption and I think it will be a wonder tool in helping AJ understand that we are all the same.

The back of the book says this, "Every day all over the world, children are laughing and crying, playing and learning, eating and sleeping. They may not look the same. They may not speak the same language. Their lives may be quite different. But inside, they are just like you."

Nothing was on our agenda for today and all three of us napped this afternoon. (Insert a refreshed, content smile).


  1. Hi AJ's Mom. I've just discovered your beautiful blog and you made me cry. Your unconditional love shimmers above your words. I hope you know how special you are.

    As a children's fiction author, lately I've been mulling over the idea of including adoption/foster care in one of my stories. I wasn't sure how interested kids might be in the subject. Your blog has made up my mind. Somewhere in a future book I will definitely have some sort of adoption scenerio.
    Give AJ a big hug from me and then give one to yourself.
    Maureen Hume.

  2. AJ is yours. You are his Mommy. He knows that, you know that. :)


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