Thursday, September 3, 2009

Mom trying to be cheap...

...didn't quite work out today.

Let me first explain that currently we are still living in Muskego. Which means I am driving AJ to Waukesha for school in the morning, hanging out in Waukesha area for 3 hours, picking him up from school, then driving home. If I were to come home inbetween, I'd only have enough time to maybe have cup of coffee and go right back to pick him up. Its not worth it. (more on this in a different post)

My first day consisted of a trip to the dollar store. Which, I must say, was quite productive in finding some activity workbooks and craft projects for Fall & Halloween for AJ. I also found double-stick tape for my handmade card obsession, which rocks since I refuse to pay $3+ for it everywhere else.

My second day consisted of a trip to the new Target. I'm in love. I found the items on my list and stuck to the list (Good Job Heidi!). Stores are very quiet in the morning...did you know that?

Last night, realizing I was two days in and didn't need another day of shopping, I made a plan.

We left the house later than usual this morning. The drive, with traffic, is an hour. We've been making it closer to 40-45 minutes. Cool. So I thought it would be fine if we left a bit later. Yeah...we almost didn't make it in time. I got him inside to sit on the bench and wait for line-up just as the bell rang. Whew! I'd rather be early than late, so we won't be doing that again.

Jeremy graciously put the GPS system back in my car, so I set it for stop #1 of my day: The DMV. I know, exciting, right?! It was closed! The SIGNS and DMV website all clearly say 8:45am. Some oh-so-bright-and-cheery employee comes out to tell us they don't open until 10:30am...but that they're open longer tonight. Well, thank you kind sir for your not-so-helpful information. If I had tried to come back at 10:30am, I wasn't so sure I get out of the DMV in time to pick AJ up.

This threw a wrench in my second stop of the day: The library. I know! More excitement!!

So now what?! I prepped some mail to go out (in the parking lot) I decided to drive down to Brookfield to Half-Priced Books and see if they had the books I've been looking for. Insert more of my cheapness here, as I rather dislike going into B&N and buying a book for a ridiulous amount of moola. Anyways...Its frustrating when 1) you can't remember the author of either book (and I don't have the web on my phone) 2) They are so busy there isn't a person available to ask if they have them on the shelves. Grrr.....

So I drove up the road a bit further to my favorite store, Tuesday Morning. I walked in and walked out. There was nothing I needed, and 5 minutes of browsing didn't even hook me into buying something I really didn't need. I sat in the car, pulled out my bag and made a few important phone calls, none of which allowed me to speak to a human. Great!

By then it was time to drive back to school and pick-up AJ. I picked up a very happy boy, with pink yogurt all over his white shirt (they painted with yogurt today). Picking him up is now the second favorite part of my day.

Does an SUV qualify as an office if it has a planner,a laptop, a phone, and a frustrated human in it?!
I'm not sure how/why I thought this little plan would work...but can tell its not going to last. It's going to put many miles on the car, take lots of gas, and may cause un-necessary shopping. I intend to make more "cheap" plans for the next few weeks. I hope to obtain my library card (how old am I?!) and go to the library to do paperwork/work on the laptop while he's in school. One day I'll grocery shop, one day I may do breakfast with a friend. I did sign up to be a parent volunteer, but its only the first week of school! Since the weather is nice I can sit in the car and read a book or do my paperwork, but not in winter! I want to sign-up for a yoga class in the area, but we are doing an 8-week assessment of AJ with his IEP team to see how he's doing and if he'll continue going with the same schedule. I don't want to sign-up for something, have things change, and then be out the green. It's more important at this point that AJ gets what he needs.


  1. On the bright side...maybe you can use your car as an office and get a tax write off???

  2. Sounds like you're a busy mama! :)

  3. Hello there!


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