Friday, November 13, 2009

Complaint & Request

Dear Mr. External Hard Drive:

I am writing to you today with severe disappointment. It was suggested that we buy an external hard drive to store our digital photos. Since I have a horrible habit of taking 100 shots, uploading, and not downsizing (even if most of the shots are unusable), our desktop computer was quite full.

I began the painstaking process of opening our photo program on our desktop and sending the files to you, our new External Hard Drive. So shiny and pretty with your flourescent blue lights. I created folders, then folders within folders. Labeling each folder for pictures from 2005 until mid-2008.

I am thankful that life got in the way and I was unable to upload the rest of the photos from mid-2008 until present. Because, you see, YOU CRASHED. STOPPED WORKING. FRIED. LOST ALL MY PHOTOS OF MY PRECIOUS SON, our families, friends, and memories. From the moment we saw his face, to our visits in Guatemala, to his first days and months home. His baptism, his Fiesta, his birthday party, his first holidays here at home. His therapy progress, and so many videos I can't count that high.

How do you have the right to just stop working one day when the whole entire purpose of getting YOU was to protect our photos. Hm? Do you have an answer? No. I am not happy. Not happy at all. I am thankful to have discovered that much of what I transferred from mid-2007 on is still on our desktop computer. WHEW. Thank goodness I wasn't *gasp* productive and deleted those after I transferred them to you and your stupid non-working flourscent blue lights. Thank goodness I found memory cards that I had saved "just in case" from our 2nd visit and pick-up trips to Guatemala.

I am still furious that you have eaten the entire photo file from our first visit to Guatemala, including videos. I am furious I have lost all of the correspondence with our adoption agency, the PDF file of AJ's former website, and even my freakin' Christmas Card Address List.

Our friend AKA computer GURU is coming over shortly. Please, won't you work? At least so we can pull the files and transfer them somewhere else. I realize this may hurt your feelings. I'm sorry to say I don't care. You messed with my memories buddy. Not cool.


One PO'ed picture-taking Mama
Dear Desktop Computer:

Our dear friend AKA computer GURU will be arriving shortly. He is going to put a little disc into your tummy. Please read it and follow the directions. Please allow this disc to find and recover every picture and video that was ever in your tummy. This what this disc does, so please be friendly.

Please work faster than your normal dinosaur pace. Pretty please with a jump-stick on top? I must say you are working well so far today.


One Hopeful picture-taking Mama


  1. All I can say is


    Hope it gets fixed.

  2. My stomach turned as I read this. Oh how I hope your computer guru can help!


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