Tuesday, November 10, 2009

It's Out!

Toys R Us' Toy Guide for Differently-Abled Kids is OUT! Last year Meredith Viera was the spokesperson. This year, its Whoopi Goldberg. You can check it out HERE.

I learned about this catalog last year and have already been looking forward to this year's catalog.

The catalog is great for all kids-especially since they break the toys into skill catagories: Auditory, Creativity, Fine Motor, Gross Motor, Language, Self Esteen, Social Skills, Tactile, Thinking, and Visual. I like to know what function the toy serves. Imagine that.

I don't think the "Auditory" skill is listed first just because it begins with the letter 'A'. I think they listed it first just for CI families. Yep I do. This year, it warms my heart to be able to look at those types of toys and not let the hole of dark depression and sadness consume me because my child can't hear . Yes he is deaf. He is deaf and can hear. How cool is that.


  1. I thought it was cool that a boy with microtia & a BAHA was featured on pg 7.

  2. I've never heard of this- how cool! Maybe they should ask AJ and Peas to model next year. ;)


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