Monday, January 11, 2010

Let's Lighten the Mood, Shall We?

Oiy. That Normal Expectations was a doosy of a post. I guess I really needed to vent. Thanks to my CI Mommas for their awesome comments and unrelenting support!!

Let's lighten the mood, shall we?

1) I'm working on a list of gains AJ has made in the last few weeks, as well as things we are working on. It will probably be another "mass update".

2)I stumbled upon something in the basement...and a lightbulb went off! Wait till I share the more cost-effective substitute for my grand plan of putting a white board in our hallway. Genius I tell you, genius!

3) After almost a year of no new posts, I finally updated my stamping and crafting blog:

Check it out! I've been in quite a creative mood lately, so here's hoping I can keep it going!!

Until then, here's Mr. Winter himself, playing "at" the snowbanks on the sides of our driveway.

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