Saturday, October 3, 2009

Friday Night Lights

So, I happened to be in the clearance aisle at Michaels. I know, SHOCKING. I spotted these glow sticks/braclets that I thought would be fun for AJ. I pulled them out at a perfect time as AJ's been in this mode of collecting things and trying to carry 872 things at once. It's quite cute, funny, and is yet another cognitive gain. So we turned out the lights and played with the glow sticks last night. He quickly figured out how to gather all of them in one hand. We had lots of language going on, as we were counting and saying the colors. There was enough light from the glow sticks for us to see his face, so why not throw some auditory work in there?! At $1 for a tube of 15 (of which we only used 1/2), they made for a very fun Friday Night.


  1. Cool deal and great therapy session!

  2. So fun! You're so creative! Love your new background! :)


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