Sunday, November 6, 2011


I've mentioned AJ's PECS before.  PECS stands for Picture Exchange Communication System.  Taken from this website, here is the easiest way to explain PECS:

PECS begins by teaching an individual to give a picture of a desired item to a “communicative partner", who immediately honors the exchange as a request.

At the beginning of the 2010 school year (his 2nd year in preschool) his school SLP and I decided it was time for PECS.  She made him a small PECS book from a small binder (think day planner size).  After asking if she had another binder the same size, I made one for him to use at home. Since I am in the middle of making him his 2nd (BIGGER) PECS book, I figured I should get these photos on here ASAP!  I was thrilled to finally find the pictures on our old laptop to share with all of you!  

Supplies Needed:
Small Binder
Velcro "Rough" & "Soft"
Pendaflex Poly Clear "EasyView" File Folders
Cardstock or Construction Paper 
Computer/Word Document
Laminator/Paper Cutter/Hole Punch

First, eyeball how long your velcro strips will be and cut to size.  Choose either the rough OR soft but make sure to cut the same "texture" for mounting on the top of the binder and each page.
 I chose the "rough".
I used the label sheet for the folders to decide on the right size pages.
Cut your folders in half first.
Then cut to desired size.
Make sure they fit, then hole punch.  Er, it is a bit tricky to line it up. 
 I made marks with a pen.
(Make sure your binder surface is clean!)
Mount your velcro on the front.
And on each page.
I created a table in MS Word, making sure each row/column was 2x2 inches.  
I inserted pictures of AJ's things and also used general images from online.  
I cut red pieces of cardstock 2.25x2.25 inches to back the photos.  Red  is the color AJ is drawn to.
I ran the pictures through my laminator

I then cut them, cut squares of "soft" velcro and placed
a square on the back of each picture.

Here, I've put them into categories.  
When we first started, they were all mixed together.
And finally, here are some photos of my little man

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

2011 ToysR'Us Differently Abled Toy Guide

It's Here!

This year's ambassador for the guide is Eva Longoria.  While I must admit, walking into ToysR'Us sends me into toy overload, I LOVE LOVE LOVE that they put this guide together. Every.year.  This year's guide seems much larger than years past.  Way to go TRU!

Go HERE for the guide's home page, where you can read about it and download a digital copy.  If you choose not to download a copy, you can find the catalog in the stores.  It is usually displayed along with the weekly flyer.  If they are out, try asking for one at the customer service desk.

**Check out the little dudes on Page 20, 22, 28, and 31!

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