Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas 2009

We had a very busy Christmas this year. We hosted Christmas for Jer's family the week before Christmas. We had a great meal and enjoyed each other's company. Jer arranged for Santa to stop at our house that night. Did you know Santa is very tactile friendly? Well, sure. He's got white gloves, a shiny & smooth belt, a RED soft suit, with lots of fur on the cuffs. AJ did very well with Santa. There were a few moments where I swear I was inside a picture book. AJ reached out to Santa with such wonder and imagination, just like little kids are supposed to. Seeing Christmas through a child's eyes is nothing short of awesome.

We are so very glad Santa was able to stop at our house a few days early. The week of Christmas AJ missed his last days of school...which included Breakfast with Santa. AJ got sick with the flu on Monday just before his teacher came for our home visit. I felt sick that morning, but thought it was just stress/anxiety. Nope, it was the flu. AJ recovered the fastest. I was sick until Wednesday. Thank Goodness for my Mom and Jer as I was not moving anywhere other than my bed!

On Christmas Eve we traveled to Caledonia to celebrate with my extended family. Each year, the kids (there are now 11) get older, taller... and I end up feeling ancient. AJ ate a full meal of pierogis and grapes. Yum. The weather was warm (30's) and it was raining. Odd weather for Christmas Eve. The whole way home I was praying the temperature would stay up and that the country roads would not freeze. We made it home just in time to put out cookies & milk for Santa and change into our Christmas PJs. I have a thing for cute Christmas PJs. Safe to say this will be a tradition in the Schmidt House.

I was the first to wake up on Christmas find my husband passed out on the couch. Guess who got the flu? We like to share in this family, you know? AJ woke up and found Santa's trail of sparkles right away. He opened up his presents rather well. You could see the wheels turning as he contemplated how to open the packages. He even ripped and tore the paper! He was also thrilled to play with the red sparkles Santa left. Santa could have left that and that alone and I'm sure AJ still would've had fun. He was actually interested in the gifts this year, which was very exciting.

We welcomed my family that afternoon. Again, we enjoyed a great meal and enjoyed each others company. Despite being very tired, my Grandma was here for Christmas, which was very special to me. The joy AJ gives her brings me such joy. Did I happen to mention she totally drank me under the table?!!

This was the second holiday (Thanksgiving was the first) I/We did not think about AJ's hearing loss. Which was amazing and scary at the same time. When Santa was here I did not think about jingle bells or the sound of his "Ho Ho Ho". I didn't worry about any toys being "useless" because they made sound. I.just.didn' Imagine.That.

I do wish I had put two and two together though as to why he had some rough moments during our celebrations. On Christmas Eve he woke up from sleeping on Daddy's shoulder. Someone put his coil on right away in the middle of kids screaming and opening gifts. I cringed when I saw his little face and wished I had been more attentive. He had a few other moments of being overwhelmed, along with some pain from teething. Overall, he did very well. It was just "odd" that his hearing loss did not dominate the holiday. It was a welcomed change of pace.

We hope all of you enjoyed your Holidays!

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