Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tuesday's 10

1. Well, its OFFICIAL!  Jeremy earned his Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree!  Two years of hard work and he's finally done.  He did a happy dance last night...I'm sorry all of you missed it!

2. We qualified for funds through the Family Support Program 2011!  We are thrilled!  What this means: We can use these funds to purchase equipment for AJ, pay for respite care, even a fence for the yard!  I was amazed to learn that funds can be used for everything from studs to drywall to equipment or toys for a sensory room for AJ.  Once we move, we're dedicating a space in the house to AJ.  A sensory/play room, full of all his equipment/toys/and bins o' stuff!  We will be contacted mid-year to make sure he still qualifies (ummmmmmm ok) and to discuss how they'll distribute the funds.  HOORAY!

3. Today was Gram's birthday. She would have been 91.  Ironically, I ended up honoring her today.  When I was in high school I worked at a retirement community.  For a few years a group of us, from the same high school worked in the prestigous dining room of the independent living wing.  When I saw the mass of media Gram had, I knew exactly where it should go.  I donated her media collection, everything from Casablanca, Bob Hope Specials to JAG and The American President.  Everything her generation will enjoy, and more.  Happy Birthday Gram!

4. I saw an ambulance today, on the opposit side of the median and headed the opposite direction, stuck in traffic for almost a full minute.  The ambulance was going "Lights and Sirens" which means its an emergency (not like being in an ambulance isn't an emergency) and that means you MOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE!!!  Did you hear me screaming?!!!! Two cars sat in the right hand "turn or go straight lane" and they didn't budge.  Turn right and bust a "U-turn" people! Ridiculous. I've been in the back of an ambulance, scared beyond belief, with my young son.  And in that ambulance I had a brief conversation with the medical staff on how frustrated it is when people don't move.  So this is my plea-MOVE PLEASE!!!

5. A classmate of mine from high school was tragically killed last week.  While we weren't close, I still remember his smile.  I don't think I ever saw him frown.  EVER.  He was a jokster, a class clown, but with class.  At the tender age of 30, his death is a shock.  Facebook has played a huge part in uniting everyone and sharing news.  Our class lost another classmate during our Junior year.  We've been through this before-and I think its a bittersweet bond our class shares.   I imagine Mike would say something like, "Life is short, people.  Live it up!"

6. I'm anxiously awaiting information regarding a challenger baseball league.  I read about the league last year in our UCP newsletter and we figure AJ is big enough to participate this year.  Exciting!

7. All good things must fade, right?  We had two weeks of "YAY! Botox!" and then AJ started growing again over the weekend.  He's having a bit of an issue walking and is super tight.  Sometimes I secretly chant to his brain, "send the message to loosen the muscle, send the message to loosen the muscle." Apparently his brain doesn't have ESP. 

8. No Katy Perry, I'm sorry to say I never feel like a plastic bag...drifting through the wind.  Sorry.

9. AJ has used a tricycle over the last few weeks at school.  Last week, when the weather seemed warm enough to be outside with a hat/coat, I pulled out his tricycle.  He's sooooo close to riding on his own.  I'm thrilled he gets the concept, now we just have to teach him how to pedal independently. 

10.  I've been researching locations for AJ's birthday party.  Let me say, the rates for a birthday party at a water park are insaneInsane.   For just a few hours of swim time, a cake they provide, and a small space. I think we're going to go with a different plan.

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  1. "No Katy Perry, I'm sorry to say I never feel like a plastic bag...drifting through the wind. Sorry."

    I do!!


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