Monday, April 4, 2011

8am on a Monday

It is 8am in the morning.  I just ate a poptart for breakfast, curled up in bed with the laptop.  The hubby is curled up in a comforter on the couch and AJ is still sleeping.  So why am I not sleeping?  Darn you  Mommy-insomnia.

AJ's been sick for about 2 weeks.  A cold has been going around his class and all the kids have had trouble getting rid of it.  So I thought nothing of it other than-bad cold.  Fast forward to last Friday and AJ takes a visit to the pediatrician.  Bronchitis.  Fast forward several hours, Mom and Dad have it too.  We all get the same medication.  I thought it was hilarious, given the situation.

We felt pretty good on Saturday night and went out with friends.  Yesterday, we crashed and burned.  I had been leading with "feeling better" points, but AJ took that over yesterday.  He begged to go to sleep early and then bee-bops in and out of his room for several hours.

I tried to go to bed early last night, only to be distracted by the flashes of light that were outside our bedroom window.  Quite the electric storm and lots of thunder boomies last night.  I turned on a movie and fell asleep.

2am I hear giggles coming from AJ's room.  I go in and change his pull-up and try to get back to sleep.  More lightening. Restart the movie.  AJ keeps on giggling. Jer wakes up coughing and the broken sleep continues.  AJ's always been a great sleeper, so it is rare for him to be up, and we're used to not being woken up during the night.  I don't do so well with broken sleep.

I kept AJ home from school today again in hopes he will be energized for school tomorrow.  While he's feeling better and running around like a  maniac, he's still sick.  Jer stayed home too.  Its rainy and ucky out.  A good day for PJs, chicken soup, and movies.

It seems like we've all be sick forever...or at least AJ and I have been.   We have not been so lucky this winter.  I'm so ready for Spring and nice weather....

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