Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tuesday's Happy 10

Things that have made me happy this week:

1. AJ using his PECS book consistently at home.

2. Finding the perfect gift box for the perfect gift for a friend's birthday.

3. The smell of homemade applesauce cooking away in my crockpot.

4. Finally getting somewhere with AJ's sensory/play room in the basement.

5. The release of Breaking Dawn: Part 1 being released in less than a month!  I am so excited!   This Mom and I already have our tickets and plan to devote our day to Edward the movie.  I'm not into much, but its so nice to have a little escape from the every day.  After all, isn't that why we go to the movies? Sparkly vampires make everything better.

6. AJ spontaneously sitting on his floor and playing with his firetruck and monster truck.  Hooray!

7. The new series Pan Am.  LOVE.  I love that time in history and its a show I know Gram would have loved too.  If I was going to a Halloween party I'd totally dress up as a stewardess.

8. Shredding of old documents.  I've spent the last few days using a $20 piece of therapy called the shredder. Like writing, it has seriously helped heal some old wounds.  Along the same lines, I finally tossed out a binder we were given when AJ's hearing loss was diagnosed.  A usable binder, sure.  But it was linked to something emotional.  It looked phenomenal in the bottom of a black trash bag.  I've wondered why I've been hanging on to every document for AJ.  Not anymore.

9. This song:

*Yes, this is on the Breaking Dawn soundtrack.  Don't be so surprised!

10. Playing some ridiculous "guess the song" app with my hubby when we go to bed at night.  Laughing at each other is so fun.

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