Monday, December 10, 2012


There's something to be said about this time of year.  Perhaps it is a bit delayed this year as we haven't yet seen an snow here?  There are things that remain static, and things that change.  Only one is predictable, though.

The last of the leaves were scraped off the curb last week.  A mix of rain and sleet seems to fall every few days.  We've done entirely too much switching back and forth between sweatshirts and the whole winter get-up.  Soups and hot cocoa have become regulars in our kitchen.  I'm starting to think about putting up our Christmas tree.  Some gifts are wrapped and hidden from peaking eyes.  All these things-static. traditional. routine.

But among all this is one constantly changing little boy.  He has amazed us in the last few months.  There aren't enough words in the English vocabulary to describe how much incredible progress AJ had made.  It has gently reminded me to enjoy each precious moment with him.  Suddenly, his life feels like its in fast forward.  I am indeed not sad about this revelation.  In fact, I'm delighted.  Ask any special needs parent and I'm sure they'd agree.

When our children grow, in any way shape or form, it is monumental.  How our children's lives begin is never far from our minds.  AJ has recently designated himself as the official light-switch operator.  It started with just his own light-switch in his room, but has since migrated throughout the house.  Besides the obvious gains of cause & effect understanding, fine-motor, and gross-motor, the most important gain is the simplicity of the act.  As I observed him giggling, turning lights on and off around the house, my mind was flipping back as fast as a tape deck gone haywire.  That sound was there too.  Come to think of it this flipping reminded me of a view master.  {Can you tell I was an 80's child?}  From a limp, tiny child to a tall, ever-increasingly independent big 6.5 year old who is doing things we were told were very unlikely.

Keep flipping those light-switches kiddo.  Change is a good thing.


  1. Love reading your blogs about AJ! Still amazes me seeing him grown and become one awesome little guy! I am always up for babysitting if you need me. We had such a great time.. Love seeing him giggle and smile :)

  2. It's often said "Someday, you'll look back on this and smile".
    I'm finding that with AJ there are a lot of those somedays.
    Thanks for the smiles.

    Grampa N


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