Monday, January 12, 2009

Caution: Toddler on the Loose

In the last 24 hours, we've had two fat lips and a bloody nose. I'd say we've definitely got a toddler on our hands :)AJ now prefers walking vs. crawling. YEAH! He's gotten stronger, walks smoother and more controlled and is ALL OVER THE PLACE!

On Monday he took a few steps backwards for his OT. On Thursday I caught him standing on the couch. Yep, I said the couch. Apparently the view of the fan is much better up there :) Except i couldn't figure out how he had gotten up there. We have a makeshift "staircase" made from a step-stool, a Huggies diaper box, and then the seat level of the couch. I took him down and he showed me exactly how he had gotten up there. He skipped the step-stool and stepped onto the diaper box. WOW! On Friday, he showed his PT his new skills-she was thrilled! Now, we can move him to the real stairs, while practicing on the couch. He also held both his hands abovce his head while holding a small board book. I don't know why kids always do PT things for the OT and vice versa. They just know!

He's also mastered eating with a fork and with a spoon. He just started holding the bowl with his left hand and then scooping/eating with the right hand. Amazing. He has also figured out how to place his sippy cup back on the table when he's done taking a drink. AMAZING! Our little man is doing things that a typical toddler is doing. When he was first evaluated, AJ was at a two month old level. Now we're working on 3 year old skills.


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  1. So AJ is now in the terrible twos. AJ is really getting going now. Yes there is a toddler in the Schmidt house.

    Kathy C.


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