Thursday, April 23, 2009

Blessings on Paper

While I don't consider myself a "packrat", I do tend to save a lot of things for AJ. I put them aside, knowing I will come back to it later and go through it.

This afternoon I caught a glimpse of "the box" in his closet.

"The box" is something I started after my baby shower. I saved each card from my shower, his Welcome Home Fiesta, his Baptism, his 2nd Birthday, and everything inbetween. I have been shuffling this box in his room for quite some time.

Since his Lifebook is still stuck on our first visit in Guatemala (yep, STILL), I thought it was time to pick out what to keep and include in his book vs. what to part with.

What a trip down memory lane. I seriously think I have the memory of an elephant, since I remember what each person gave as a gift for AJ. (Knowing who and saying thank you are very important things to me) Our little boy has been and continues to be so very blessed. I found my shower invitation, our favorite "adoption themed" card from Pat & Mike, and a hand-drawn picture of AJ & his Guatabuddy, drawn by his Guatabuddy's sisters, and a card with my Dad's signature...just to name a few.

Blessings on paper are such a sweet reminder of the blessings in life.

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