Friday, June 26, 2009

Ahhh Summer

Blankets, sweatshirts, the smells of cherry-flavored cough syrup and chicken soup, the sounds of the thermometer beeping and your hubby coughing.

Ahhhh, summer.

Well, it is when your husband has that "flu". He is doing much better and is allowed out of the house now. He is very excited. He's been home since last Thursday and had a hard time not being able to do anything. AJ and I were treated with Tamiflu as a preventative only (we're fine). Honestly, its just a nasty flu. Jer was treated right away and we did everything by the book.

Wouldn't you know it, this week was supposed to hold a few days of vacation for Jer. Not exactly how that panned out. His job is very demanding and he is pretty much required to be there when the physician he works for is there. He was out of state this week. Most of Jer's time is used up by AJ's appointments, so he was really looking forward to some regular time off.

Jer's "situation" made for an easy week for AJ. Unfortunately, we cancelled his birthday party. We only had one thing to do this week, which was toddler group on Wednesday. Which, may I say, was very odd. I had no idea what to do. AJ enjoyed his pool for the first time ever. We colored and ran errands to give Daddy some time to rest minus a crazy three-year-old running around. I had the energy to cook. My mom came over, brought us dinner... and provided some contact with the outside world. AJ took lots of baths and played outside when it wasn't scorching outside. We had time to give the dogs the attention that they are desperately craving these days. Jer and I stayed up late and watched movies. We all slept in. Jer and I had a chance to have many conversations...of course on opposite ends of the living room, but still. So while it wasn't the best of circumstances, we made do and were forced to "just be".

Now that Jer is feeling better, we are hoping to make the best of our weekend. Sunday is AJ's actual birthday, the big 'ol 3. We are hoping to replace the infirmary with popsicles, sunscreen, sand, brats, and the sweet smell of chlorine.

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