Wednesday, January 13, 2010

In Which I Multitask a Little Too Well...

Actually, I think this post should be entitled, "In which I drag Jer to every dance imaginable."


First off I am a total nerd.  I heard this song (which is now playing as you read) on the radio yesterday and had instant flashbacks to pop-music-that-makes-you-feel-like-dancing-while-driving-because-you-are-so-in-love-with-your boyfriend-and-the-song-is-SO-talking-about-the-two-of you.  So I sucked it up, and then some. Here is the original picture I mentioned in my previous post:

Winter 2000-College Dance

As if that isn't embarrassing enough, I went on to find more pictures. Pictures of us during our dating days and yes, most of the dances I dragged Jer too. I was still in high school when we met, so he really should have just bought a tuxedo like everyone joked he should do.

Homecoming 1997-Newly Dating-Aren't we Cute?

Prom 1998

July 1998-1 year dating anniversary-Hello Legs!

January 1999

Sweetheart's Dance-1999

Prom 1999

June 2001-Wedding

Honey, I think I'm going to give you a pass to wear flight pants and t-shirts whenever you want.  Seriously. :)


  1. Love it! I guess the flight pants are ok as long as they don't have zippers all over or a zebra pattern...


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