Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Whole Decade & A New Year

We've had quite a decade as a couple. In 2000, I was a college freshman and Jer was about to propose (late January). I recently found a picture of us from my university's winter dance that year. *Sigh* Maybe if I get enough guts I'll scan the picture and post it. We look so young, so fresh-faced. Ready to take on the world. And we look happy. So darn happy.

We figured out that only three really good things happened in this decade:
We got married
We became parents to AJ
AJ's ability to hear via cochlear implant

That's about all folks. Of course there were smaller things that were good, but those are the main three. The rest of it was plagued with memories that we'd both love to forget. There is a reason people tell us we don't act like 20-somethings...more like late 30-somethings.

We play hermits every New Year's Eve and stay in. We find it mind-numbingly relaxing to stay in and do absolutely nothing. I made entirely too much food, so we ate the appetizers and some of the dessert, leaving the main course for the next day. We watched movies and managed to stay up until midnight. Hooray for staying up with the big people.

AJ rung in the New Year just after dinner that night. I bought some noisemakers at the store just to see what he would do. He laughed hysterically the first time he heard me do it. Of course I didn't get that on video. But he did giggle again when Daddy did it, so I managed to capture that, and AJ's own attempt at using his noisemaker. (He has since figured out the plastic part goes in your mouth)

**I can't seem to load videos right now-so I'll keep trying!**

We're not big on resolutions around here. We've just decided that 2010 is going to be a fresh start. Simple as that. Happy New Year!

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