Friday, April 30, 2010


Here's what we did at home for AJ's preschool class theme:


+ Read Go Away Big Green Monster and worked on this:

"AJ, where does his nose go?"
I found a template for the head and facial features and cut them out of felt.  I printed a coloring sheet of the face, colored it, laminated it, and we used it as a reference.

+ Monster Pancakes
Make pancake batter
Use food coloring to make it blue
Pour batter for 1 pancake into pan, place mini chocolate chips in 2 small bunches to make "eyes", then flip your pancake
Using sm/lg gingerbread men cookie cutters, cut out your "monsters"
Trim the top of the monsters head, arms, and feet...VOILA-FRANKENSTEIN!

+"Monster Mash"
Smashed apples with green food coloring while we listened to the song "Monster Mash"

+Monster Dinner {its hard to see, but its a casserole with a monster face made out of bacon}

+Walked around in our monster shoes

+Colored pictures of monsters (Monsters Inc and Cookie Monster):
You can find printable coloring pages of Disney characters and more HERE.
You can find Sesame Street coloring pages HERE.

I had the great idea to make a cookie monster out of a styrofoam takeout container.  The idea just did NOT work.  Here's a photo I took before we embarked on this disaster.
I wanted some of that furry fabric-like they have those crazy neon furry hats at party stores?  No blue furry fabric or hats to be found.  I settled on blue felt, but it  The only thing that looked cute was the googly eyes we glued on...and the fact that there were mini chocolate chip cookies inside the container (we made his mouth where the container opens so it looked like he was eating cookies).  See, some of my best ideas just don't pan out.


  1. Awe, I'm sure your cookie monster turned out was a good idea, anyhow! :)

  2. Amazing how parenthood inspires creativity in all of us.Good idea.Maybe I'll try some monster activity too with my 3 year old.Thanx!


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