Saturday, July 17, 2010

Hula Scootin'

AJ likes to keep his left side tucked in.  He doesn't like to extend his ribcage, lengthen his left side, or anything of the sort.  In an effort to make lengthening "fun" and to strenthen his arms and upper body, his PT and SLP (for feeding-she does NDT stuff too) introduced him to this scooter board and hula hoop fun. By the way, thats his SLP pulling him around.

 He LOVES it. 

Unfortunately I have not yet mastered taking a picture of
AJ while he's on the board and  I'm pulling him here at home.  Have no worries, he loves this activities and
voluntarily switches from his tummy to the sitting position (pictured above)

AJ also uses a scooter board during his school PT time,
so OF COURSE, I did a search on scooter boards online.

I think anything tied to therapy has a gazillion dollar mark-up.  The cheapest I could find was $100. 

Until I went to one of my favorite stores, Big Lots.

It's one of those stores, like my other favorite,
Tuesday Morning, where you never know what your going to find. 

I found this:

Looks like a scooter board to me, don'tcha think?
It works great! 

The only thing that is kind of a pain, is that its made from mdf/pressboard, so we need to make sure we bring it inside after we've used it outside in the driveway.

Other than that, its awesome!

Oh, and how about that $10 price tag?  YAY ME!


  1. Yay you! I was just talking to a friend of mine who's little boy is like Aiden's twin and she was telling me about these scooter boards to help increase low muscle tone. Guess I need to check out my local Big Lots!

  2. You can make one!
    Home depot/lowes sells all kinds of wheels that you can attach to any kind of board. Just buy a piece of thick plastic and put wheels on.

    Also you can waterproof the particle board thing. They have spray on sealant


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