Sunday, May 22, 2011

Lavender Lab

During one of my weekly trips to Target, I spotted an endcap with some adorable animals on it.  After browsing I found this:
Cloud B 7313-ZZ Lavender Lab Aromatherapy Plush
His name is Lavender Lab.  He has 100% lavender aromatherapy packets inside!  The scent lasts for 5 years.  Give a gentle squeeze and place him on your child's pillow during the day.   To read more and find other cool stuffed animals (like the Sleep Sheep) click HERE.

The Easter Bunny brought this for AJ and he loves it.  Because AJ's olfactory sense is so strong-translation-his sense of smell is amazing-I knew this would be great for him. The lavender scent helps calm and soothe him to sleep.  Most of the time....

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