Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thursday's 10

1. On a whim, I gave AJ apple wedges the other day.  Not only did he eat them, he DEVOURED them.  Talk about a huge feeding goal-CRUSHED.  I'm not sure what type of apple they were (the apple dippers from McDonalds) but he loved them.  They were a bit sour, but strong, so of course he loved them!  We've since seen him devour granny smith apple wedges-YAY!

2. AJ had another round of botox in his left leg last week.  We'll see.  When we saw his CP doctor, I was delighted that he turned to her right away when she greeted him and made immediate eye contact. Considering she called him "socially akward" during our last appointment, I'd say that is progress.

3. We spent Memorial Day with Grandma & Grandpa in Iowa.  We had a blast and even went to the waterpark!

4. I am not sure how, but in an effort to make our lives less stressful we've somehow managed to make it more stressful.  How does that work?  

5. How in the world is it June?  I'm not kidding.  AJ has less than a week of school left.  I'm doing a little panic dance, not sure how I'm going to keep AJ stimulated over the summer.  Despite having summer school, therapies, baseball, and hippotherapy on the docket, I'm still super nervous he's going to regress.  After all, this has been our result the past two summers.

6. I scored a brand new backpack for AJ for kindergarten next year...for $4. Plaid Cuteness.  So excited.

7. Along with that excitement re: #6  is a whole lot of fear and uncertainty.  I'm on the fence as to whether or not the fear and anxiety is all new people, new routine related or fear and anxiety over my son's cognitive delays and his inability to communicate.  A multiple choice question in which the answer may very well be D: all of the above.

8. We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our niece-little baby faces make everything sweeter.

9. Yesterday, our realtor walked us through that dream Victorian I've been salivating over since AJ began preschool.  It was amazing.  Completely impractical, out of our league, and in dire need of a huge renovation, but it was beautiful to walk through.  He brought a little sunshine to our morning.

10.  Over the weekend, we unexpectedly lost our sweet, sweet Sunny.  He was our yellow labrador/great dane mix and lived 10 full years.  We boarded the dogs, which we haven't done in years.  We received a call late Saturday night stating they suspected a case of bloat.  What is bloat?  We granted permission for Sunny to be taken to the emergency animal hospital.  They confirmed it was bloat.  We made the decision to have him put down.  We are so thankful to the amazing staff at the boarding campus.  They caught his symptoms right away, and stayed with him until he crossed the bridge to doggie heaven.  They also made sure our other dog, Rocky, was loved and well taken care of until we returned from our vacation. 

It was weird when I only had one dog in the car.  Weird to have two dog beds with only one dog.  Weird when I turned around to scold Sunny for being too anxious to clean up after AJ eats his breakfast...and he wasn't there. It is quiet.  It is odd.

Rocky was super tired when we picked him up, which is no surprise since the dogs play outside 4-6 hours a day there.  He seems fine, eating, playing, and back to the normal routine.  What is freaky is how calm he is.  He's always been the calmer of the two, and ah-hem the better trained dog since we got him as a pup, but WOW.  He was feeding off of Sunny's hyperness.  Yesterday we left him alone for the first time and he was just fine. 

On Tuesday I picked up a clay disc with Sunny's pawprint pressed into it.  Tears.  

We miss you Sunny Dog...


  1. I'm really sorry to hear about your dog. I'm sure it's a hard adjustment. That's so great about the apples!

  2. So sorry about the loss of Sunny. How sweet they took the time to make the clay disc for you. Thinking of you all.

    and I gotta say I am LOVING the picture of AJ at the top of your blog! So dang cute!

    PS - did you say kindergarten??!!?? oh my.


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