Saturday, June 16, 2012

Special Needs Family Support Group

A few months ago I had ants in my pants about the fact that there aren't any special needs support groups in our area.  After speaking to a few different contacts in the special needs world I learned that most groups fizzled out a few years ago.  Lovely.  I was done searching and moved on to "Well, I start one then.  So there!"

So, I contacted a friend at church and asked if we could start a group there.  This is one of those moments where the stars aligned just perfectly.  She told me another church member and her husband were just organizing and planning such a group.

We've been meeting for a few months now and its been absolutely wonderful.  We've met some awesome people and formed some great friendships.  It is the most amazing feeling when I say a phrase or acronym and do not have to explain it.  To have another parent understand how a special needs bad day is different than just a bad day.  To vent and have someone actually get it. We laugh, we cry, we support one another.  We share resources.  We opened new doors.

Did I mention how great this is?

Jer and I learned quickly that we're sort of veterans in the special needs world.  While AJ is still young, we've been around the block and then some.  I've said it before, but a little tiny piece of my heart heals each time I am able to use the knowledge we've gained from our experiences with AJ to help someone else.


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