Friday, May 10, 2013

She Said It...Again.

Earlier this week I took AJ to see his physical therapist. You know, the one I schmooze all over this entire blog?  The one who discharged AJ a year ago and said, “He doesn’t need me”... 

Well, she said it…again.

I took him in for a functional screen, which functions as a quick peek at AJ to see how he looks, feels, and moves. Translation: Mommy needed confirmation that's doing just fine without therapy.  Flying solo freaks me out sometimes.

We haven’t been to his therapy clinic in a year and he still knew exactly where he was going.  Upon entering the gym, he promptly pulled out the platform swing from under one of the mat tables.  The difference, when his PT said, “No, sorry bud, we don’t have time today…he moved on to other things”.  My.big.boy.  
She was simultaneously thrilled and saddened with his status.  Thrilled because, he.looks.great.  Saddened because that means she doesn’t get to see/treat him. 

We discussed the idea of a therapy/service dog for AJ, which is something Jeremy and I have been considering for quite some time.  If anyone was going to give it to me straight, its going to be his PT. 

While I was concerned about his spine, she reassured me that his functional scoliosis has not returned.  His back looks straight.  He.looks.great.
The one issue we both agreed on, his left foot/leg.  Oh boy.  Child, child, child.  The Botox is not lasting long enough.  We are researching phenol injections, you can read about them here.  They last longer, as in 6 months, but there is a catch.  At least for AJ.  You have to be under for the 15-20 minute procedure.  AJ and anesthesia are not friends.  And, he can’t have the stuff that puts you out for just a little bit.  Oy vey.  So, we’ll be digging into that a little bit more in combination with his PT and his physical medicine doctor. 

Botox is still a great option, except that insurance only covers it every 3 months.  AJ’s wore off I’d say in 4-6 weeks this last round.  And that was 4, count ‘em, FOUR injections.  Lots to talk about and discuss. 

She also recommended that we have his stop wearing his AFO on that foot.  Hallelujah.  He’s been walking worse with it on than without.  I’ve been taping his foot and hip with kinescio tape, which has helped tremendously.  Now, if I could just get AJ to stop pulling off the foot tape.  Dude, the stuff is $24 bucks a roll.  We’ll get there.  He giggles when I pull the tape out and stands perfectly straight for me while I apply it to his hip, and somehow relaxes his foot enough for me to tape from the in-step around to the outside ankle.  It could be worse.  He’s such a trooper.

We’re also going to bring out the ‘ol night splint again.  We’re only going to come in on the splint about 5 degrees, so he can stretch out those muscles. 

“He doesn’t need me”. 

Five years of therapy after therapy after therapy and he’s finally free AND thriving.


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