Monday, May 27, 2013


Dear Mommy,

I really enjoyed our time together on Friday.   I love it when you swing me higher..and higher…and higher.  Can you tell?  My smile and giggles are all for you, Mommy.

I’m sorry I made you cry almost all day long.  I’m finding myself, Mommy.  I really am.  Isn’t it cool?

I know you were crying tears of joy and pride, but I still hate to see my Mommy cry.

Yes, I carried that big blue ball across the yard with both my hands.  Yes, I walked while carrying that big blue ball.  I know you cried.  It’s ok Mommy, really.

Yes, I hung from the rings on the swing set and giggled when you thought I was holding myself up when in reality, my feet were on the ground.  I am taller and stronger, Mommy.  Isn’t it cool?

Yes, I handed you my cup and my bowl when I wanted breakfast, and waited patiently for my waffles and eggs.  I am learning patience Mommy.

When you said “Stop!” as I was running down the driveway…  I stopped Mommy, I stopped.  Are you proud of me?!

Mommy, I have friends!  I have lots of friends.  Isn’t that cool?!

I’ve learned a lot of new signs, Mommy.  Isn’t that cool?!  I love being able to communicate with you. 

Have you noticed that I am less frustrated and less aggressive?  I love it.  And I know you love it, Mommy.

Mommy, thanks for the iPad.  I love having a way to tell you what I am thinking or feeling.  Isn’t that cool?

Thank you for swinging me every morning.  My body feels so much better when I get to swing before school. 

Did you see me turn and walk out the gate when I heard the sound of the gate opening?  Isn’t that cool?

I know you see me when you call my name and I stop when I hear you call me.  I love that you call my name, Mommy.  It makes me smile and giggle.

Mommy, have you noticed I’m Mr. Independent.  Thank you for fostering that independence.

I love seeing your happy face every morning when you come in my room.  Do you love seeing my face too, Mommy?  I think you do.  You tell me I’m the most handsomest boy ever every.single.morning.

I'm full of surprises, Mommy.  This is only the beginning. Are you ready?

Mommy, I love you.  And I’m proud of me.

Me too buddy, me too.

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