Monday, October 12, 2015

Coming Home...Day 2 {A Reflection}

{Day 2}

Mimi woke up soaked. She slept fairly well.  Listening to her stim herself was a bit torturous.  It has been a long time since I've heard/watched that. She woke up several times during the night and violently rocked herself back to sleep. Waking up soaked was our sad confirmation that she didn't drink enough while at the baby house. This is common, but that didn't make watching her beg for water any easier. 

We braved breakfast and it went fantastic. I thought this might be a better approach as the breakfast buffet had food "ready". I was hopeful she would see the food and make the connection. She did and enjoyed some Bulgarian yogurt with honey and other fresh foods. She sat on my lap to eat. She was charming and really enjoying the individual attention she was receiving from both of us. That simultaneously warmed and broke my heart.

We chose to stay in today since yesterday was so overwhelming. We played and played and played. She got in some good bonding time with Daddy and learned two English words "more" and "up" today. We saw the true meaning of "She doesn't like to sleep in the afternoon". Afternoon naps were forced. Anything forced, this chica takes a FAST detour.

We received an email from Tatiana giving us her schedule, which helped tremendously and also told us that they were doing the Bulgarian version of toilet training. That's why she runs and stands in the corner rather frequently.

We went down for dinner,met a fellow adoptive family, and watched our girl sit at table like a big girl and wait. She ate all of her soup and four rolls (not kidding). We're still struggling with the water thing. She thinks everything is going to go away. If she drops something its the end of the universe. Translation: Fragile cargo. Handle gently yet firmly.

She had her first bath with us tonight. She did great and went to sleep much easier.

We have nothing on the docket until Thursday (medical exam and blood draw for TB testing). Friday through Sunday are open as well. Monday will be the US Embassy Appointment and Tuesday picking up her visa. Wednesday we fly home.

Four days with no agenda? Hmmm we must find some trouble to create....

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