Thursday, October 2, 2008

Booth Testing #3

AJ had his 3rd Booth Testing yesterday. It went well. He makes it through about 1/2 of a typical testing time and then he starts ignoring us all. AJ, Mommy, and the Speech Therapist all sit in the booth. AJ's Audiologist sits outside the booth and uses the computer and her voice to do the audiogram (booth testing). It is a 6x6 (maybe!) room, with four padded walls, sound-proof, and I swear at least 20 degrees warmer than the rest of the building. Mommy sits behind and bounces him lightly on the yoga ball while his speech therapist watches his face for reactions to sounds/directs him to the rewarding lights/toys in the corners of the booth. By the time we are done, Mommy gets a great arm workout! We then go outside the booth and look at the chart which shows at what levels AJ heard the sounds. He is still doing some fantastic head turns!

We have the rest of the left ear-aided to do, followed by both ears un-aided.

Psychological Evaluation: 8 days
Booth Testing # 4: 11 days
Surgeon Consultation: 36 days
**Possible extra Booth Testings inbetween
Submit to insurance: ________
Pre-Authorization Given: ______
Surgery Date: ______ (estimated around Christmas)

His molds for his hearing aids (the part that fits into his ear) are not fitting properly. We'll be getting new molds soon. The whistling they make when they don't fit right never used to bother him. Now it really does, so much so that he rips them out... While the whistling is not good, it is good that we know he can hear that and it bothers him enough that he acts upon it.

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