Wednesday, March 11, 2009

King of the Mountain

Well, AJ hasn't been feeling the greatest. He does have an infection, but its viral. Meaning: no antibiotics. We have to wait it out. Not what the parent of a kiddo who's 28 days away from CI surgery wants to hear. Alas, we keep pluggin' away at this virus. The cool mist humidifier I got the other day is awesome. We steam, bathe, apply Baby Vicks vapor rub, REPEAT. His cough has decreased today and the "junk" is making its way out. Better out than in.

Despite not feeling well, AJ has made some fantastic gains in the last week or two.

Here's a list:
-Able to climb off and on his riding toy (airplane) from BOTH sides
-ABLE TO TURN ON AIRPLANE propellar BY HIMSELF, multiple times
-Pushes/Pulls dump truck
-Increased walking distance (example: walking from fridge to middle of living room without stopping)
-Standing and "walking" as he closes a door
-Walking holding sippy cup in both hands!
-Walking & DRINKING at the same time!!
-Biting and chewing animal crackers...and lots of them
-Standing and "walking backwards when you open a door and he's behind it
-Improved balance & coordination
-Grasps concept of eating, placing fork/spoon down on table, grabbing sippy cup, drinking, placing cup back on table, picking up fork/spoon again and eating
-Improving skill of getting into car seat on his own
-Tracking/Grabbing our DVR "screen saver" on the TV
-Paying attention to people coming and going

And for his GRANDE FINALE:
-Beginning to climb out of his booster seat AKA playing King of the Mountain

That's right ladies and gents, he's supposed to be doing this. It is indeed a PT goal. Oiy! He is to turn himself around and go down with his belly facing the booster (just like the car seat).Tonight, he decided to show us all his talents! Even though we don't want to make this a habit, it is truly incredible to us that he is able to do this!

(Note: Daddy was right there in the case of a quick descent!)

Whoa, check out the view from up here!!

Yeah Mom, that's right, I'm standing on my chair

La, la, la, la, la, la I'm ignoring you!

Oh alright, I'll kneel and start getting down...

I made it!

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  1. That's great! What a long list of achievements... be proud!!!


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