Thursday, February 11, 2010

Color Me Valentine

So here's what I've been dying to post! 

AJ and I made his valentines using the crayons I posted about here

I unwrapped them and chopped them up:

AJ helped put all the pieces in a bowl:

Stir them up:

Put them in the heart shaped molds:

Bake at low heat, cool completely, and pop them out!

Multi-color CRAYONS!

Add some cardstock and words:

AJ's Valentines

I will be posting details and complete instructions on my crafty blog soon! 

By completing this crafty project, AJ worked on:
Fine Motor-Stirring the pieces, picking up pieces and placing them into the heart molds, coloring the background with a yellow crayon, handling "wobbly" silicone heart molds
Gross Motor/Balance-Tipping board to slide pieces, helping Mom transfer molds to baking sheet
Sensory-"Wobbly", "Soft" "Squishy" silicone heart molds, feeling crayon pieces, deep pressure from Mom's hand-over-hand guidance while coloring in circle motions on the background
Auditory-heard me say the words "cut", "chop", "help", "stir" {and other words} repeatedly

I think they're cute, don't you?

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