Thursday, February 11, 2010

Yummy Bouquets

AJ and I made these cookie bouquets for his school staff and his therapists. 

You would not believe how hard it was to find plain 'ol butter cookies.  Seriously!  I "settled" on the Iced Lemon Shortbread cookies for before I actually found butter cookies at the bread outlet store.  We ended up using both.

Here's what we used:

First things first, we must taste test:



We interrupt this assembly line for a moment (or two) of cuteness:

We had some technical difficulty:

Add some cellophane, ribbon, and a tag:

Again, I plan to post details and complete instructions on my crafty blog soon!

By doing this craft project, AJ worked on:
Sensory-texture of the gum drops, spice drops, and cookies
Fine Motor-pushing drops down onto wooden skewer, "ringing" the cookie on
the tip of the skewer (which he was really good at and figured out before I had to show him!)

I know there's more, but I'm ready for bed!  More later!!


  1. Seriously, who are you?!?!? I must be missing some sort of crafty gene. These are SO cute!

  2. Melanie do you think just like I do, because before I even read your comment the first thought in my mind was "SERIOUSLY!" haha!

    ... this is shmansy,pansy, crafty fun and therapy all combined! AMAZING! This would be a great blog all in itself! I love it!


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