Friday, February 5, 2010

Kicking it Up a Notch

AJ has become a sorting champ.  Seriously.  He had a great speech session on Wednesday at school, despite being tired and hungry toward the end.  While he was having lunch that day, I was prepping crayons for another crafty project that we are working on. 
{Which I am so excited about
I cannot wait to post about it!}
 I had the genius idea to kick this sorting thing up a notch. 

As I unwrapped two different sizes of crayons:

 I grabbed two glasses from the cabinet,
took some of the unwrapped crayons,
and took a few wrapped crayons out too.   


"Mom, I totally got this.  Dont' you worry."

See I can even do it without looking.

I can even sort with my left hand.

Slam dunk!

The result of AJ's hardwork. 
He sorted all of these, minus the two I placed
 in each glass as an example. 
He sorted the SAME object,
even though they were DIFFERENT. 
Awesome AJ. Awesome.


  1. Just found your site...AJ is too cute!
    And as a side note, I'm very impressed with his same object sorting! Very awesome. :)
    I hope you dont mind if I follow!


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