Saturday, October 16, 2010

Bring On The Tears...

This morning, my husband turn on ESPN, which already had coverage of the Badger game today.  Mind you, the game is tonight. 

Anyhow, that "story" voice came on and immediately caught my attention. I bawled for the next five minutes while the story of this little boy was broadcast straight into my heart.  Props to ESPN for making me cry.   This story, and the friendship born between a child and an athlete was truly amazing.

You can watch Jaxson's story, The Meaning of Friendship here:

{ESPN does not allow embedding}

I also wanted to share the story of Team Hoyt.  A father and son team that defy all odds.  This father's love, I've never seen anything like it. I first heard about this duo when Ellen, from To the Max, wrote this post back in September. Please click on the link, read and watch the awe inspiring video.  And Ellen, NO.  You we're the last person on the planet to hear about these two...I think I was.  

These stories are gentle reminders that we all need each other. 

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