Saturday, January 1, 2011

Noodle Ornaments

AJ and I made noodle ornaments for his Grandparents this year for Christmas. I got the idea from an ornament I made in 3rd grade...that I still have. 

Supplies Needed:Macaroni Noodles/Any Small Variety of Dry Pasta
Shape to Trace
Hole Punch (not pictured)
Craft Glue
Spray Paint
Cardstock or Construction Paper
Scrap Piece of Cardboard

 Trace and cut your shapes & Punch your holes
 Apply glue and smudge it all over with your fingers...
 Call your craftyman...
 Place macaroni on glue.  Try not to cover the hole you punched.
 Carefully flip to and repeat on the other side. 
 Allow time for the glue to dry.
 Adults: Spraypaint one side at a time with your color of choice. 
Metallics work really well.
 Add ribbon and a year tag, and VOILA!

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