Thursday, February 24, 2011

Dollar Dino's

One of AJ's recent preschool units was on Dinosaurs.  I stopped in the local dollar store to see if I could find a bag of small dinosaurs to sort. 

Well, I hit the dino jackpot!

While I didn't take pictures of all of our activities in process, I did take some.

Laundry bag:I set out the bag of wooden dinosaur cutouts (see 1st photo) as a reference for the shape of a dinosaur.  I drew a dinosaur with a Sharpie-freehand.
Carefully, I cut on the inside my marker lines-cutting through both
sides of the bag-which made 2 dinosaurs.
We dipped the poly scrubbers (1st photo) into fabric paint and
made spots on our dinosaurs.

Foam Circles:
We used the green, yellow,and purple circles for a balance activity. 
I placed two of each color on top of each other to give them a little dimension.  Place them on the floor and stomp from each circle. Note: Save the circles and for future use with a homemade game of Twister, dice, or another activity, such as making a circle frame craft with your child's picture for his/her grandparents .  I thought this package was great with the variety of colors...for $1!
The stamp looked like a dinosaur footprint to me!
(Look at him use his left hand!)

This came home in AJ's backpack one day-they made soap dinosaur eggs! It took a good few days to use up all the soap, but at the end AJ had a pterodactyl!

Not Pictured:
*We decorated our wooden dinosaur cutouts-we had plenty leftover for future use.  Idea: Tie their tails together to make dino-garland.
*We sorted small dinosaurs by the number of feet they had.
*I printed out dinosaur coloring pages and cut the sponges into small circles.  We dipped the sponge circles into paint and made spots on our dinosaurs.
*We played with 3 different dinosaurs (play size-also found at the dollar store) and felt their different textures, weights, etc.

Food Ideas:
Macaroni & Cheese with Broccoli Trees-What herbivores eat!
Speckled Chocolate Easter Egg Candy-Dinosaur Eggs
Dinosaur Fruit Snacks
Dinosaur-Shaped Chicken Nuggets
Chocolate/Vanilla Pudding Swirl-Mud/Swamp
Click here for more cool food ideas...I think the "swamp mud" sounds awesome!

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