Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tuesday's 10

Since I so look forward to checking two of my favorite blogs on Tuesdays to see their top 10 thoughts, I'm jumping on the Tuesday bandwagon too....

1.  Despite my brave attempts to stave off replacing our garage door opener, I think it finally bit the bullet. It usually gets cranky during super cold weather and forces us open and close manually (horrors), so I wasn't surprised when it wasn't moving.  It was the grizzly grinding sound coming from the motor that was just awesome.  Super-Duper.

2. Today was AJ's 2nd rockin' day at school.  Three novel activities were tried...with no tears. I LOVE good days.  They fill my heart with such joy.

3. I've been researching local farms that participate in CSA.  With our house on the market, we won't be planting a garden this year and I'm anxious to keep a nice stock of healthy veggies and meats in the house.  I'm also looking to add more fish into our menus.  We all love fish, we just don't seem to eat a lot of it.  Anyone have yummy recipes? Share!

4. We returned from our trip to Hawaii just a few days ago (blog post coming soon).  My carry-on still smells like coffee and coconuts.  It's awesome.

5. I need to figure out a way to spread out AJ's appointments.  Period.  We work with over 25 people on his team and somehow, appointments seem to get stacked together all in a week. 

6. There seems to be a Steve Carrell marathon on lately.  Which usually means if I watch said marathon I'm bound to see Paul Rudd too.  Love them both.  They make me laugh hysterically...

7. Was Valentine's Day really yesterday?  Despite being exhausted from our trip home, I stayed up late on Sunday night, frosting graham crackers, adding candy hearts for stamps, and handwriting each of AJ's classmates names in the TO and his name in the FROM areas on the edible "love letters" that were his valentines this year.  I made three batches of rice krispie treats and created "Hershey Kisses" by using kitchen funnels and then wrapping them in foil...complete with a little piece with a msg from AJ sticking out.
Am I insane?  Probably.  But since AJ's protest during our vaca hindered him and Grandma from doing these projects...I didn't want that to ruin anyone else's V-day.  And we all know how I/we feel about his school team.  Jeremy and I spent the evening working on a project for his current class and watching our loaded DVR.  I am NOT complaining...we certainly could not have topped our week+ in paradise.

8. Speaking of classes, Jer only has four weeks left of his class and then he is officially done with his BA.  I'm trying to plan a special celebration for him (shhhh don't tell him) but nothing seems to live up to his amazing accomplishment. 

9. AJ has this obsession with ICEE cups.  I found them one day, on a whim, at the Dollar Store.  Odd.  But, its a bold flavor, its cold, and packed solid in cups.  Easy to eat and perfect for his decreased oral awareness.  I know, horrible nutrition choice. Lets just get over that. I now have little hands that stand at the fridge and slam the refrigerator door after you've attempted to open it, and reach upward toward the freezer.  Sigh.  Its becoming quite a problem and I fear an ICEE strike, via Mommy, is coming. 

10. I felt completely relaxed when we left Hawaii.  Slightly stressed while traveling home.  And broken-hearted when I saw my sweet little boy's face when we pulled in the driveway.  His uber tear-stained face, complete with snot drippings and eyes shut, screaming for his Mommy and Daddy.  I'm super thankful we had the opportunity to go on this vacation, I'm super glad we went, we had an amazing time, but he wasn't ok.  He wasn't fine.  And it broke this Mommy's big heart to see the culmination of his week of meltdown.  Yesterday's jet lag brought crabby to this household and today brought uber stress.  Relaxation, where did you go?


  1. 1. I have been DYING to do a CSA but wonder if it will be more food than we can handle. Want to split one with us this Summer?? I bet we could find a pickup spot that is halfway between us...

    2. Fish is the easiest thing to cook ever. EVOO, salt, pepper, throw it in the oven until it's done. I have a great salmon sauce recipe to share with you.

  2. So glad you all got away! We are in desperate need of a get away too - alone - no kids, no other adults, just hubby and me - it's like a dream because it's never happened. For a whole week at that too! HOW FUN!

    send that salmon sauce recipe this way too. We love fish and I rarely make it either and truly, it is SO easy. I'm just not always sure how to cook it.


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