Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Tuesday's 10

1. AJ is tall enough to reach the middle of the kitchen countertops and is tall enough to climb out of the hammock swing on his own.  I'm trimming his fingernails around every 5 days.  Growth.spurt.

2. AJ negotiated a curb/step all on his own the other day, without any assistance.  I total free-step.  It.was.amazing.  It was all in normal walking stride too.

3. Check out Mr. Mini-Golf:

4. AJ begins summer school next week.  I am POSITIVE he will be all smiles when we pull up to his school and may just leap out of the car. He'll have summer school 3 days a week until the end of July.  While I had moments at the end of this school year of really missing him during the day, I sorta, kinda, do dread summer.  AJ is not that kid who sings "schooooool's for the summerrrrrrrrrrr" on the last day.  He loves school.  While we do our best to include fun activities here at home, its just not the same environment.  I can't seem to cram in as much as they do at school.  He's at that age where home is boring.   Outside is fun, the park is fun, anywhere but home is f.u.n.  So I am thankful he'll be getting a taste of school, and he'll have the chance to carry-over some skills from last year.  Of course, he had a huge learning explosion at the end of the year.  Always.  That kid.

5. Totally random thought-I have 7 laundry baskets.  Seven.  Why do I have seven laundry baskets?  Why do I need that many?

6. AJ partcipated in a local challenger baseball league in the beginning of June.  So many amazing parents, amazing kids, and amazing volunteers.  The league was started by a member of our very own Milwaukee Brewers, Marcus Hanel, and his wife.  When I called to inquire about the program and sign AJ up, I had no idea that I was speaking to an MLB player's wife!  The program really is wonderful.
(Pictures coming-for some reason Blogger won't upload for me right now)

7. I'm hoping we'll have some consistent summer weather soon.  It is supposed to be beautiful this weekend.  We're having a rummage.  I haven't done a rummage in, oh 5 years, so this should be interesting.  

8. AJ's 3rd hippotherapy riding session was cancelled yesterday-due to the weather.  That is 3 in-a-row we've missed.  I really, really, really hope he can ride next week.  It is a very good thing I signed him up for more than 1 session!

9. I am trying my hardest to get through a book a friend gave me.  Even though the book is barely an inch thick, I'm stuck.  Same goes for a yogi book another friend shared with me.  Why can't I get through any of these?!   

10.  I'm a bit hesitant in posting this, since we're still kinda waiting to see when the other shoe drops.  And, we're pinching ourselves to make sure this is really happening.  Jeremy unexpectedly lost his job a few weeks ago.  He was offered and accepted a new position for a large company that has a large presence here in the Milwaukee area.  We are SO thankful.  In addition, we found a new home in Waukesha.  We *should* be moving early August.  The best part?  Well, ok, it truly isn't the best part of this all.  What makes me excited?  The house is 10 minutes from AJ's school.  10 minutes!  We're hoping once we are moved and settled, we'll be able to relax.  Just a little. That would be nice.

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