Monday, July 18, 2011

Mahalo Molokai

I can't believe its been five months since our trip to Hawaii.  We spent 8 days there...the perfect amount of time for us to unwind.  We flew into Honolulu on a Friday afternoon and stayed overnight close to the airport.  The next morning we flew to Molokai, which is the island nestled between Maui and Lanai.  Holy We Are In The Middle of Nowhere.  It was breathtaking.

Our hotel was the only on the island.  The restaurant was 20 paces from our room.  
Did I mention it was on the ocean?  Did I mention our room was right on the ocean? 
We had a gorgeous view of Lanai.

 Find one of the many small paths between the greenery and your on the sand.

We spent the week touring the island-all 38 miles of it.  

Heading to the West End we spotted this gorgeous spot.

 On our first night in Molokai our hotel sponsored a benefit for the Special Olympics.  
Did we want to go? Absolutely!

We tried local food favorites. This is "Loco Moco":

And had lots some of these...

 There are more Packer Fans on Molokai than you would think!

 We went off-roading and snorkeling...
And went to the beach...

 The most gorgeous black 
sand beach on the East Side-Halawa Bay.
(I had a print made of this shot for our new house-LOVE.)
 We enjoy doing lots of nothing...

 Night strolls on the beach...
 Learned about and cracked our own macadamian nuts!
 And celebrated 10 years of marriage.

I wasn't quite sure if this trip was going to doable, especially the night Jeremy bid on the timeshare week someone had donated to a charity event we attended. I was thinking about it logistically.  Who the heck is going to watch AJ and, and, and... It all worked out.  A very special thank you to Jer's Mom for watching AJ for the entire week.  

We had an amazing time and really had a chance to reconnect as a couple.  I was silly, he was silly.  We laughed until we cried.  We relaxed and talked about the future and talked about how we need to do this more often.  Perhaps, not a trip across the country all the time, but we found ourselves totally re-energized and ready for life.  We needed recharging.  We hope some day to make it back to Molokai, but for now, we'll enjoy our amazing memories.

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