Thursday, July 28, 2011

Holding Pattern

AJ finished summer school today.  When did summer fly by, and why didn't I notice?  He did extremely well, with all his sessions, he only had one horrible day.  The rest of the days, he was thrilled to be there.  I'm planning on driving by his school a lot in the next few weeks, just to keep his brain connected to the place.  His visual memory is amazing, so I have no doubt he'll recognize it when we pull-up, or even play on the playground.

I'm nervous as to how he's going to react to the new house.  He's been there before, but I'm really hoping he adjusts well.  It will be a lot of change for him.  I'm also nervous as to what I'm going to do with him for 6 weeks before school starts.  Yikes.  Did I mention how much he loves school?

I'm frustrated about AJ's recent approach to potty training.  And I'm nervous that school, or someone or something, may ask us to stop potty training him.  We've been at this over 2 years.  And I'm exhausted.  2 years!  For a while, he totally had pee'ing down.  Let's not even talk about poop. As much as we try to ask if he has to go potty, and try to remember when he went last, the recent chaos around here has not helped the 'schedule'.  What is so frustrating is that he has the control, whereas many children with CP don't.  He can "feel it" just fine!   I've tried, several times to teach him how to pee standing up, and he just doesn't understand the concept.  Which is fine for now, we'll still have him sit and go, but that creates more dependence on his aide at school.  I don't know.  Its an issue, and I'm frustrated. Period.

I've purchased, labeled, and placed all of his school supplies in his backpack.  Yep, I'm that Mom.  I feel better knowing I won't have to run out and try to find 12 blasted glue sticks at the end of August when everyone is sold out of all the required school supplies.  No doubt there will be something his teachers throw on the list that wasn't there last week when I printed it, but I'd rather run out and get one thing in the midst of moving rather than the whole list.  Besides, my label maker makes me happy.

As with all things Heidi & Jeremy, this moving extravaganza has turned into chaos.  We were supposed to close yesterday. Yes, yesterday.  We are hoping for next week.  All of that calmness and "I'm not overwhelmed or panicking" I wrote about last week, is now present.  I just want it all to be done and over with.  We are stuck in a holding pattern.  Nothing to do be sit around and wait, while packing some last minute things.  Everything as planned, is now haywire.  Which, in theory, makes me feel incredibly dumb.  Because I truly should know better.  There is a fine line between the optimist and the pessimist.  Jeremy and I are both on that line.  Not purposely waiting for that shoe to drop, but given our past experiences, we usually assume it will. With moving, we were silly enough to think it would go somewhat well.  The best laid plans....

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