Friday, December 19, 2008

Betty Brinn ROCKS!

AJ's EET and I decided to take him to the Betty Brinn Children's Museum in downtown Milwaukee.


As soon as we walked in AJ's eyes started wandering and he decided to walk with his EET over to what else-a red wall. (Red is the color he sees best-and that we've deemed his favorite)

We spent more of our time HERE in the toddler area-Betty's Busy Backyard. AJ was go go go the whole time we were there.
He enjoyed the sand table, the metal tree mushrooms, and most of all the tunnel! His face was priceless-the moment he figured out I was on the other side...turned around and saw his EET where he had started...he laughed so hard. He though he was pretty cool!

They also had a log that you could crawl through, with a detour to the left (a branch). Guess who took the detour....:) After about an hour, he was done, so we walked around and toured the rest of the museum. It is for ages 0-10. I wanted to play! We will have a membership soon and will be visiting quite frequently-since AJ liked it so much.

This was another awesome language opportunity. I love having his EET around. One can handle while the other signs-which is sometimes necessary with AJ. She's just awesome. I highly recommend this children's museum...Betty Brinn ROCKS!

Below are some pictures:

He really liked these flowers

Tunnel Time!

Check me OUT!


Zonked out on the ride home

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  1. Ooooo, sounds like fun! I'll have to check this place out next time we're in town! Which, btw, was supposed to be over Christmas, BUT because of all the SNOW and what was still unexpected, I decided not to make the long drive with three kids by myself. : )


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