Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Shake Shake Shake

This past weekend my mom came over to bake cookies. AJ served as taste-tester. He gave the spritz cookies his thumbs up. Ok, he just ate them and giggled. He took a nice long nap during the afternoon. I had the afternoon to myself. In my own kitchen. I was on a baking frenzy. I'm still not sure where that came from. I will say that it was very theraputic and I was glad to have both ovens to work with.

After dinner Jer and I had AJ decorate the sugar cookies. Playfully referred to as our "Under The Sea" sugar cookies. Little did I know, AJ's Mommy does not own one cookie cutter. Thanks to AJ's "Playdough Bucket of Fun" we used plastic cutters to create starfish, dolphins, fish, lobsters, and more. We even have a few giraffes, alligators, dogs, and cats. OH MY.

Decorating the cookies created an awesome language opportunity. AJ obliged and shook the sprinkle can a few times, but was more interested in eating the can & sticking his finger in the dough. He had fun. FYI: Double-tailed dolphins look really strange when they come out of the oven :)

Below is the video & pictures (be sure to disable the playlist above before playing the video). It is a bit dark-sorry! This is my first video with captions-I'm so proud!!

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