Monday, December 8, 2008

"Good Job Buddy"

This phrase is something we hear ourselves saying quite often these days....

Here is a quick list of gains AJ's made in the last few days:

+ Imitated Mommy making the "ooo" shape with her mouth-twice

+ Walked from the chaise of our couch to the tv (10 feet) without falling

+ Looked at Mommy for help six times in a row when wanting his frog toy turned on again

+ After Mommy signs "more", she puts her hands on her lap. AJ picks up one of Mommy's hands, then the other, and then brings them up and pushes them together

+ Looks down at his hand immediately after or during someone signing to him

+ Stands up on his own from the floor with ease...and then walks

+ Free stands for over 2 minutes

+ INCREASED vocalizations A LOT!

+ Stands up, walks, falls or squats to lower himself down to the floor, the gets up and repeats

+ Getting better at pushing buttons to turn things on

+ Less temper tantrums when vacuum stops/fridge toy stops/etc. Understands signs for "bye bye, all done" when Mommy or Daddy stops/puts away a toy

+ Sucessfully finds 2-3 toys in box of foam peanuts

+ Put animals "IN" container with his OT today

+ Removed all 12 pieces of chunky puzzle with pegs with his OT today

+ Puts arms out/up for putting shirt on

+ Beginning to understand offering a leg for putting pants on

+ Puts feet up for socks when laying down

+ Consistently pulls shirt off or on when around his neck, as appropriate

+ Increased lateralization of tongue toward left side of mouth

+ Takes/eats dry cereal every day as his "appetizer" before breakfast

+ Ate all three meals in one day with a spoon or fork (no paws)

+ Learning to throw

+ Tolerating hand-taping for 10 minutes

+ Able to corral a medium ball when rolled to him (comes before catching)

+ Grabs the back of the dogs leg so he "stays" while wagging his tail for AJ's enjoyment

+ Climbs into the tub with help of Mommy or Daddy and step-stool

+ Heard drum & cowbell upon first presentation during last EE session

+ Watching the door & the person when someone comes in our goes out

+ Completely comfortable in speech therapy room

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  1. Way to go AJ! And way to go mom and dad! I read your post on CI Circle and my heart melted for you. I guess I've tried to shut my thoughts out of the fact that Aiden can't hear all these beautiful holiday sounds.In fact, it made me realize after I read it, that that same day in Walmart, I showed Aiden a talking Elmo. I pressed the damn button like a million times. I knew he couldn't hear it, yet his face still lit up so I just kept doing it, truly not thinking twice that he couldn't hear it. He will though, one day soon! And guess what ... I'm buying that Elmo for Christmas, just because it made him smile! : )

    Enjoy your holidays! You all are doing a wonderful job with your precious boy!

    PS - I'm heading that way (to WI) for XMAS!)


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