Sunday, February 1, 2009

I'm A Big Kid Now

All day long that little jingle has been in my head. We took down AJ's crib today and put him in his toddler bed. We found an adorable sports themed bedding set. Naturally, I had to put that on his bed... and take a picture. I know it will never be that neat ever again!! AJ did very well when we introduced him to his new bed. He figured out how to stand up on it very quickly. (Insert Mommy letting out a screech with her inside voice). Much to our amazement, he took his first nap in his new bed-just fine. Out like a light. We are hoping he sleeps just as well tonight. We are a little worried about him falling off/down onto our hardwood floors, but that is to be expected with having a little boy. We have pillows on the floor just in case :) (Pics below)

**On a side note: AJ is feeling much better. Amoxicillin is a wonderful thing. Mommy is feeling better as well. I didn't realize just how sick I am. What an awful feeing to be stuck in bed (I negotiated couch time here and there!)
A HUGE THANK YOU TO DADDY for rescheduling his Saturday patients and staying home to take care of his home "patients" for the last two days!

Last Hurrah In My Crib

Daddy taking the crib apart

New Bedding

Rocky making sure the bed is "OK" for AJ

Check me OUT!

I can get down all by myself

1st nap in my new bed

1 comment:

  1. OH MY GOD! I'm so proud! this article made me a bit teary'd eye'd...

    :-) So cool! good job AJ!
    love ya


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